About Agility

Agility Medical Group, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Oklahoma City, OK

Our Mission:
To provide premium products and outstanding services to our customers while providing a positive, beneficial and enjoyable working environment for all company team members.

Our Goals:
We are a company that strives to provide the highest quality non-operative equipment to medical professionals and individual patients. Our desire is to provide each of our customers with the products and/or equipment they need while maintaining the highest level of customer service possible.  As our market and the markets of our customers expand, we look forward to extending our product lines to meet the market needs.

Our Products:
We strive to provide our clients with the newest, most advanced, and highest quality products for their non-operative, post-surgical, and preventative needs. Our desire is to provide the best in class grouping of non-operative orthopedic rehab products to our physicians and their patients in order to quickly get them back into their game of life.™  We represent numerous companies such as DonJoy, Aircast, and Kinex Medical Company. These industry leading manufacturers
help us maintain a standard of excellence with the quality products they produce.

Character First: