Patient Instructions

In our effort to serve you better, we’ve provided instructional videos for some of our most popular products. If you can’t find what you need, please contact your rep for more help.

Patient Instruction Videos

Crutch Instructional Video



Defiance Knee Brace

Reaction Knee Brace

The Shoulder Cradle

Air Heel/Dorsal Night Splint

Exos Brace/Cast Care & Cleaning

Exos Brace/Cast

AirSelect Walking Boot

How Do I Use My Knee CPM?

K3/K4 Knee CPM

K4 Knee CPM

How Do I Use My Shoulder CPM?

Shoulder CPM (Old Controller)

Shoulder CPM (New Controller)

Product Information

Defiance Knee Brace

ACL Brace – Full Force

Reaction Knee Brace

OA Knee Brace

Patella Stabilizer

Playmaker II

Football Knee Braces

Air Select

Bone Stimulators