Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my equipment?

We are here to help you get Back in the Game of Life!

Visit our Patient tab for videos and education for how to get the most out of your equipment.

How do I order a product?

Ordering a product from Agilty Medical Group is simple.
Just contact one of our helpful sales reps, and they’ll be able to walk you through the ordering process.

How do I locate a representative?

Our user-friendly tool will help you find the representative for your area.
click here and enter your zip code to get the representative’s contact information.

Where do I return my equipment?

Your return instructions can be found in your Patient Folder that was provided to you upon receiving your equipment.  Or if you are in the Oklahoma City area, you can return it directly to our office at 3112 Cooke Way, Oklahoma City, OK 73179.

How do I apply to work at Agility Medical Group?

We’re always looking for talented, motivated team players.
Apply here to start the application process!